For student and staff screening checklists and other COVID-19 related information, please review the District's Back to School Procedures.

Helpful Information

Health Service:

Students and parents are encouraged to utilize these services when necessary to optimize their educational opportunity.

Emergency Information:

All parents/guardians are required to provide current Emergency Information for their child(ren) every year during the Annual Update of Information. The purpose of this is to assist the school in reaching parents or guardians as soon as possible should an emergency arise. Students who are 18 or older may update this for themselves. Students who are under 18 may not be given any over-the-counter medications without the completed online annual update. Please notify the Nurse/Health Office of changes in pertinent information. Please call your child(ren)'s school if you need assistance with this process.


New Hampshire State Law RSA 141-C:20a requires that all children be immunized. See the NH DHHS letter, below, as Appendix E.

Prior to entry, all new students must present an immunization record or religious or medical exemption to the school nurse. Notarized requests for exemption from student immunization or examination requirements must be made to the Superintendent at the Central Office, 38 Liberty Street, Concord. Information on medical exemptions, and the form to be notarized, can be found on the NH DOE website: and in the list of Files, below.

Documentation of all student immunizations, as well as religious or medical exemptions, will be kept on file in the Nurse/Health Office at your child's school. Please contact your school nurse for further information on exemptions. Failure to comply with immunization requirements will result in exclusion from school.

When your child receives immunizations, please provide an updated copy to the Nurse/Health Office. The Nurse/Health Office will contact you if any additional immunizations are needed.

Nurses and Counselors
When to Keep Children Home from School

- Fever over 100 degrees.

- Diarrhea and/or vomiting WITHIN THE LAST 24 HOURS.

- Persistent sore throat with fever or swollen glands.

If a throat culture is taken, wait for the results BEFORE sending your child back to school. If your child has strep throat, he/she should be on medication 24-hours before returning to school.

- Mysterious rash.

- Red, itchy, gooey eyes.

- Suspected or known head lice.

Please notify the health office if you suspect your child has head lice.